Qualitrol Traveling Wave Fault Location and Power Quality Device Multi-function Power System Monitor IDM+

Signal Fault Recording, Dynamic Disturbance Recording, Phase Measurement Unit, Traveling Wave, Fault Location, Sequence of Event Recording and Power Quality Class A Monitor - All in a Single Device

Identify numerous power grid network problems with a single device. This multi-function, digital fault and disturbance monitoring device for the power grid helps operators identify what went wrong during a disturbance, why it happened and what can be done to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

The Qualitrol IDM+ offers advanced fault recording (DFC), dynamic disturbance recording (DDR) and sequence of event recording (SER) with options of phasor measurment unit (PMU) in compliance to the C37.118 2005 specifications. The Qualitrol IDM+ is the most accurate traveling wave fault location (TWS) and power quality (FQ) in compliance with EC 61000-4-30 Class A (Edition 2.0) in a single unit.


  • Utilizes the most accurate measurement chain including sampling rate of 512 samples per cycle and analog resolution of 20 bits on current channels
  • Opção de local da falha de onda progressiva com precisão de ±60 metros (200 pés)
  • Dispositivo completo de estado sólido e alta confiabilidade – todos os dados armazenados no CompactFlash
  • Advanced iQ+ client-server multifunction master station software
  • Achieve cost effective, integrated, automated substation integration with IEC 61850 (MMS)
  • Provisão de HMI avançada
  • Taxas de amostragem flexíveis para monitoramento de falhas e interrupções


  • QE Classe A certificado e totalmente em conformidade com a IEEE C37.118.2005 PMU
  • Local da falha por onda progressiva
  • Uninterruptible power supply

(An uninterruptible power supply can be provided for monitors in critical substations were the monitor should continue recording even when power has been lost).

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Comprehensive power system monitoring from a single multi-function device to maximize the utilization of the power network at minimum cost. Ideal for use in substations and generating stations as the tool to download and process data for identify power quality and disturbances.